Saturday partner WOD

On Saturdays, I coach the 2 classes at my box; one at 9am and then another one at 10am. This was the fun partner WOD for today that they had to do 2 times:

Run 200 meters

50 thrusters 

Run 200 meters

50 weighted sit-ups 

Run 200 meters 

50 ring rows 

Run 200 meters 

50 Kettlebell swings 

I decided to do it myself after the 10am, but I definitely shouldn’t have worn my running sneakers for this! 

Here’s part of the KB swings…


It’s still one of those movements that I need to coach my athletes on- they tend to lean forward too much. By having them engage their hips and really squeeze their butts at the top of the movement, they were able to improve the technique.


I love KB swings, don’t you? 

Happy weekend!

Friday Morning Run


This morning I met one of my running buddies for a short and leisurely run at one of our local parks. I was nervous it might be muggy or even rainy but the temperature turned out to be really pleasant! It’s great to have those runs where you’re more focused on your company and the conversation than worrying about your pace. 

Also, wanted to share this delicious salad I had at work the other day. Healthy and delicious! If there’s avocado in my salad, I don’t usually need more dressing since it’s enough to add creaminess and flavor šŸ™‚


Welcome to my fitness blog!

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2015

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 2015

Welcome to The Petite Fastinista! Please join me as I share some of my adventures (and sometimes misadventures) in working out, whether it’s running, CrossFitting or some other type of exercise.

I hope to inspire you and motivate you in your own journey to fitness and health. I also hope to learn from you whatever you’re willing to share.

Race Results

Oct 2011- Seaside Heights Half Marathon- 2:01

May 2012- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:52

Sept 2012- Philadelphia Half Marathon- 1:50:23

Oct 2012- Seaside Heights Half Marathon- 1:49:06

May 2013- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:48:41

Sept 2013- Trek Against Trafficking 5K- 22:38 (PR)

Sept 2013- Newport Liberty Half Marathon- 1:48:01 (PR)

Mar 2014- Run from Winter 10K- 48:20

Apr 2014- Clinton Twp 15K- 1:15:05

May 2014- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:48:21

Sept 2014- TrekĀ Against Trafficking 5K- 23:36

Sept 2014- Newport Libery Half Marathon- 1:53

Mar 2015- Run from Winter 10K- 47:58 (PR)

May 2015- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:53

June 2015- JP Morgan Corporate Challenge- 24:51