My weekend SWOD (scaled WOD)

Hi all! Wanted to share the super-scaled workout I did yesterday. Let me clarify though, that even though it was a scaled version of the original, it still left me pretty breathless.  Cash-in: 250 meter row  21 dead lifts (95#) 15 pregnant burpees (basically you use a box, you jump down into a push-up position… Read More


22 weeks!

I was in a great mood yesterday . The weather was perfect and I was in much less pain than usual.  I made it to the gym to do a nice circuit workout modified to be: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off: Side lunges Push press (10#) Rower Plate rotations w/toe touch Wall balls (10#)… Read More

Weekend Recap

Things haven’t been easy the past few weeks. I’ve been in a great deal of pain, discomfort and frustration due to the stent and I’ve pretty much been stuck at home every day. I’m trying to be optimistic that the doctors will give me some news- either something else that’s safe for the baby that… Read More

A scary hospital stint :/

I haven’t been able to write these past few days as I’m still recuperating, most emotionally, from a big scare. I spent 5 days in the hospital, 3 of them in ICU, getting treated for a kidney infection (pyelonephritis). Things got very complicated, I got to get a stent procedure, and many blood tests and… Read More

Outdoor workout and a growing tummy

Here is a workout I came up with on the fly this past Saturday when I couldn’t find the key to the gym- oops!  Run 400 meters Then do 5 rounds of:  40 jumping jacks  20 push-ups  20 lunges  40 air squats Finish with a 400 meter run    Baby Hickman has made his/her presence… Read More