Holiday Gift Ideas for the Fitness Lovers

Happy Cyber Monday! I wanted to share a few gift ideas from places I shop and love or would love to try…this is based on my own opinion (I’m not getting compensated by any of these companies for this post). I definitely prefer shopping online in the comfort of my home, rather than driving to the mall and having to deal with long lines. Here are some ideas for you…

  1. Reebok- Get those CrossFit Nanos she’s been wanting for a great price. They are offering 50% off sitewide with code CYBER.
  2. For Two Fitness– I personally own some of their tanks and they are just so comfortable and fit so great whether you’re in your first trimester or your third. Choose from their “Running for Two” or “Sweating for Two” tanks or get one of their great maternity bottoms. Get 40% sitewide with code THANKS.
  3. Bloomingdales– My absolute favorite store. And not just because I used to work there πŸ™‚ Get 25% off select items. You can pretty much get something for the whole family here! Great deal alert: FitBits for $119.95. Also 10% off beauty with code BEAUTY10!
  4. AboutTime– I love their protein powders…they have some tiered savings they’re offering: spend $125+ and get 30% off, spend $150+ and get 35% off, and spend $200+ and get 40%. Perfect to stock up!
  5. Athleta– I love their cute and great-fitting workout clothes. Get 20% off with code WORKIT. The “Downalicious Jacket” would make a great gift πŸ™‚
  6. Under Armour– Get him a nice, sweat-wicking Tee for his winter workouts. They are offering 25% off on select items plus free shipping.
  7. Enjoy Fitness Jewellery– Get her something she won’t expect but will definitely love: fitness jewelry! I don’t own any of these but looove the sterling silver barbell ball bracelet or the inspirational charm bookmark. You can create your own piece. Unfortunately no discount available to US orders, but you get free shipping in AUS on orders over $100.


Don’t forget to sign up for and earn cash back at most of these sites (and many other ones). Some are offering up to 10% cash back…it adds up, trust me. Use my referral code:

Happy shopping!



Nektar Honey Crystals Review

Hi there! Happy Monday πŸ™‚ Today I want to talk about a new product I just discovered. Nektar Naturals makes these honey granules that are pretty “sweet”- pun intended. Not only is it a healthy, gluten-free, GMO free product, but it’s so great and convenient that they’re crystals, so you don’t get the sticky mess that usually comes along with honey. 

I love having a slice of gluten-free toast with almond butter and a few drizzles of honey as a snack- but I looooved being able to sprinkle some honey crystals instead. No more honey dripping everywhere! I received a free bottle from Nektar Naturals to review but you can pick one up at Whole Foods, Kings or Shop Rite among other health food stores. Give it a try. They have some great recipes in their website too: 

I’m currently 35 weeks- yay! Almost there πŸ™‚ I’ve been feeling great physically, still working out a few days a week doing what I can. Mentally though…I gotta say I have a bad case of “pregnancy brain.” 😁

This was one of my WODs last week. Check it out:

50 ball slams (10# ball)

50 Double-unders

40 box step-ups

40 side bends (15# DB)

30 ring rows 

30 pregnant burpees

20 squat cleans (15# DB)

20 push jerks (DB)

10 single arm snatches (DB)

10 box push ups 

I kept the weights light and kept my focus on form. It was challenging but I felt awesome afterwards. My goal is to workout at least 3 times a week for the next few weeks. And I’m already thinking of possible races to run in the spring 😊

Have a great night, 


33 Weeks and countingΒ 

It’s been a great week, very busy with work and training the person who will be filling in for me at the office, as well as getting some last minute details taken care of. 

Even though I’m a CrossFit coach (on the side) and love inspiring and helping people reach and maintain their fitness goals, sometimes I need a little help too. I joined Sweat Pink’s #holidaysweat challenge. I’ll be recording my activity and nutrition for the next several weeks. Let me know if you’re doing it too! I’d like to stay as active as possible over the next 6 weeks and could use your encouragement πŸ™‚

On Monday, I did a benchmark WOD called Ghost which was pretty awesome. It consisted of 1 minute of each: 

Rowing, burpees (I did a preggo scaled version against a box), double unders (I did these and my calves are still so sore. Be really careful with these if you’re pregnant), and rest. You go for 6 rounds which ends up being 24 minutes of work. I went at my own scaled back pace but still felt like I got a great workout.

Tonight I did 6 rounds of: 

20 arm curls 

15 weighted squats

10 push press

15 lateral leg lifts (each leg)

15 leg curls

50 side bends

It’s so important to keep your core engaged throughout these movements. I make sure to keep my belly button pulled in towards my spine the whole time. Your abs help support your spine and can help with the pushing stage of labor. I haven’t experienced any back pain and have my abs to thank for that. *Please make sure you have the ok from your doctor to workout if you’re pregnant*

Looking forward to a day off tomorrow that includes a mini spa day! And some more baby-stuff shopping πŸ™‚ 


WODing at 32 Weeks

It’s been great to be able to workout a bit more now that I’m back to “normal.” I made it to CrossFit twice this week and plan on going tomorrow as well. Very curious to see how far into my pregnancy I’ll be able to keep at it. Hopefully at least through the end of this month! 

This was Wednesday’s WOD:

20 minute AMRAP of-

10 power cleans w/15# DB

20 wall slams (10# ball)

200 meter row

I finished 5 rounds and 5 power cleans.


This morning I coached class which featured a fun little ladder of toes to bar, box jumps and dips. I miss doing toes to bar! 

Have a nice Saturday!


Halloween/Marathon Weekend Recap

What a great weekend of nice weather, Halloween workouts, and shopping! I programmed a fun Halloween-themed WOD for Saturday’s class which seemed to be a big hit. I even gave out a prize of some AboutTime protein powder to the best costume. Winners of the 5-minute plank challenge got some awesome pink Sweat Pink shoelaces πŸ™‚

This week I’m 32 weeks pregnant which means I’m officially in month 8! My mom and I had a nice time at the mall shopping for Baby Hicky. Pottery Barn Kids was having a 20% off sale so we bought the rest of the items left on my registry. On sale items we got 10% off which is their registry completion discount. This kid made out pretty well!

The hubby and I also enjoyed a nice romantic date night at a local restaurant. I wore this sexy Splendid dress and over the knee Stuart Weitzman boots πŸ˜‰  
  And it was the 1 year anniversary of my running the NY Marathon! That was truly an amazing experience.  
What did you do for Halloween? Have you run the NY Marathon- or hope to do so one day?