39 Weeks

It’s been a great weekend which included a friend’s Holiday party on Friday and dinner out in town with hubby last night. Being able to go out has been the upside of still having to wait for someone’s arrival…We’re 7 days away from his estimated due date ☺️


This Christmas tree brooch on my left shoulder belonged to my Grandmother. I’m wearing YSL glossy stain in Prune Minimale…pricey but worth it!


Loving my Stuart Weitzman OTK boots

 I’ve been trying to stay active but haven’t felt like working out much lately. On Thursday, I did the following:


2 min on airdyne bike

10 step ups

12 bicep curls

30 side bends

Although temperatures have been unseasonably mild in NJ, the past few days have been a little chilly so I haven’t been able to go outside and walk. I recruited Frank to go with me today though.

Excuse me now while I get comfy under a blanket on my couch and enjoy this Sunday! 



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