An exciting time in my life…

Just a few days ago, I shared on social media that…I’m going to be a mommy at the end of the year! The outpouring of love and well-wishes has been incredible. 6 months is going to go by super fast! My due date is December 27th, so it could very well be a Christmas bebe that we get.

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing how I modify my workouts. The first trimester was definitely rough- I was tired a lotttt, so I didn’t work out as much.  Now at 14 weeks, I have a little more energy, so I’m really trying to workout about 4 times a week. Unfortunately I haven’t been running as much, and I’m starting to really miss it! It’s just been tough because I get really thirsty and then I have to pee; it’s a vicious cycle. I’m sure other mama-to-bes can relate!

As of now, I’ve just reduced my intensity in all my WODs, making sure I’m getting sufficient rest and drinking water throughout the workouts. I’ve also stopped doing sit-ups and handstand push-ups and keep my weights lighter. I’m starting to wonder if I should stop doing kipping pull-ups- would it pull on my belly too much? The main point of exercising right now is to stay healthy and strong to be ready for the most important event in my life, which is to bring a little human into the world 🙂

My announcement on Instagram and Facebook

My announcement on Instagram and Facebook

Baby's First Half on May 17th at the Superhero Half in Morristown (8 weeks)

Baby’s First Half on May 17th at the Superhero Half in Morristown (8 weeks)

15 weeks. Waiting for the bump! Excuse my bedhead...

15 weeks. Waiting for the bump! Excuse my bedhead…

Race Results

Oct 2011- Seaside Heights Half Marathon- 2:01

May 2012- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:52

Sept 2012- Philadelphia Half Marathon- 1:50:23

Oct 2012- Seaside Heights Half Marathon- 1:49:06

May 2013- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:48:41

Sept 2013- Trek Against Trafficking 5K- 22:38 (PR)

Sept 2013- Newport Liberty Half Marathon- 1:48:01 (PR)

Mar 2014- Run from Winter 10K- 48:20

Apr 2014- Clinton Twp 15K- 1:15:05

May 2014- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:48:21

Sept 2014- Trek Against Trafficking 5K- 23:36

Sept 2014- Newport Libery Half Marathon- 1:53

Mar 2015- Run from Winter 10K- 47:58 (PR)

May 2015- Morristown Superhero Half Marathon- 1:53

June 2015- JP Morgan Corporate Challenge- 24:51