Client Testimonials

“I have been training with Coach Julia for the past two years. She has trained me in both CrossFit and has served as my running coach. She is really fantastic. I am someone that likes a lot of feedback concerning different movements so I can do the workout as efficiently as possible as well as avoid injury. Coach Julia knows how to describe the movements pre-workout and assesses our movements throughout the workout to ensure maximum performance.

As a running coach, she developed a six week plan for beginners. We met weekly and had homework throughout the week. At the end of the six weeks I did something I never thought I would do, run a 5k. Not only did I run that one but Coach Julia made it so much fun that I ran two more that year! Now, I thoroughly enjoy running because of her training.

I played baseball for years and good coaches are hard to come by. Coach Julia has my total confidence because she pays attention to all aspects of our training. Whether she is working to make sure our burpees are done properly for efficiency or making sure our form is correct for deadlifts to prevent injury, Coach Julia is on it. In fact, when I first started CrossFit, she was a relatively new coach and she corrected my kettle bell swings to make sure I wasn’t going to get hurt AND do them better and faster for a more complete workout!!!

Having her coach me these past two years has led to an incredible boost in my health and fitness. Her cheerful personality and unique ability to push you to the max to get the most out of your workout has totally contributed to a huge transformation (I lost 65 lbs in a year). She is a superb coach and I have been blessed to have her in my corner pushing me to be the best I can be!”

-Bruce Sisler, Morris Township, NJ

“Julia is a super encouraging coach and dedicated to making sure you reach your goals. We set a goal to run my first 5K and I could not have done it without her. Julia helped me learn how to pace myself, breathe correctly and how to run properly. I had a positive and supportive experience with her running clinic and definitely encourage others to join!”-

Patricia Caballero, New York City, NY

“I really loved training with you!!! It was fantastic having your support and Frank’s also- it’s priceless. The workouts were just right for me and you kept me consistent. Also the nutritional tips and the running were excellent. I’m so happy with the weight I lost and how I feel now.”

-Marisol Farina, Bedminster, NJ

“Julia’s FitCamp is amazing–fun, high energy, and super effective. She mixes her workouts up so you know you’re getting a full body workout. She also provides a lot of personalized attention and feedback. One of the best classes out there. I definitely recommend!”

-Anne Balfour, Morristown, NJ