Fitness Programs

Fastinista FitCamp

Specially designed for busy individuals who can’t make it to a gym or just dislike them. If you need guidance and motivation to lead a healthier, fitter life, build lean muscle and gain energy to run around after your kids, this is the one for you. 30 minute functional workouts, combining strength training and metabolic conditioning and balance training, easily modifiable depending on your fitness level. Classes are Wednesday 6:30am in my Morristown home. $15/class. Packages available.

6-Week Fastinista Fit Online Program Not local? Prefer to workout on your own?

Sign up for my 6-week modifiable program that will get you leaner and stronger with a combination of progressive weight training and equipment-free cardio movements.

Weekly check-ins with me for accountability.

Fastinista Fit Online Program

6-week program consisting of workouts and accountability for a more balanced and energized fitter physique.