Best Things To Do In Seattle

Just a week ago, Frank and I headed to the Emerald City with Frankie. We were going to a cousin’s wedding but also had enough time to explore and enjoy a nice family vacation there.

We rented a condo on Airbnb in Capitol Hill, which ended up being the perfect location for getting around the city. If you haven’t used Airbnb yet to book a trip, use my code to get $40 off:

These are the places we checked out.

Alki Beach

It’s a very small beach and it was very quiet when we were there on a Friday morning. It reminded me a bit of California. Although it was a bit too chilly for me (and probably for most people), there were a few kids on floaters out on the water. Right across the street from the small boardwalk, you can find a few restaurants where you can grab a burger, smoothie or ice cream. A few fire spits are available, first come first serve, offering beautiful views of the city.

Golden Gardens

We didn’t actually get to hang out on the beach, although we had lunch right next to it and got to see a boat being put on the water right next to it. It’s the beachiest beach you can find in Seattle. The locals say it’s a great place to BBQ. You can see stunning views of the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Ballard Locks

Boats use the locks to get lifted or lowered into either Lake Washington or Puget Sound. If you’re lucky enough you’ll actually get to see a boat pass through. Make sure you walk down to see the Fish Ladder where the salmon make their own journey from or to Lake and Sound.

Space Needle

Frankie was actually the first one to point out to me that if we walked up the street from our condo, we could see the “Space Noodle” in the distance. I had to swallow my fear of heights and ride up the 520-foot elevator (without looking down) where you’ll definitely want to take panoramic photos galore.

Green Lake

This lake is located in north central Seattle. Its 3 mile-long walking and cycling path is one of Seattle’s most popular outdoor recreation areas. It has baseball fields and a large playground, perfect for Daddy to play with the kid while Mommy gets a run in! Across the street from the baseball fields, you’ll see several little shops and cafes, making it easy to grab a quick snack.

Pike Place Market

Walk across the Waterfront and go up the stairs to find a busy, busy part of town with various vendors (and lots of homeless people). You get to see what you would see at other markets but it’s still a must see, in my opinion. We had a delicious lunch at Etta’s.

Pacific Science Center

Founded during the World’s Fair, this museum was the first science and technology museum in the country. Kids young and old are sure to find something that will fascinate them here. You can spend a few hours here, but don’t forget to check out the dinosaur exhibit and the  Tropical Butterfly House.

Artists At Play Playground

Located between the Museum of Pop Culture and the Seattle Center Armory, you’ll find the big playground where you can stop for a quick jaunt.  Although it’s recommended for kids ages 5 and up, our 2 1/2 year old had a blast exploring the climbing tower (with parental supervision) and running around the play area. It’s a fun and free activity to do!

Seattle Aquarium

This was one of our favorite activities. Located on Pier 59 on the Waterfront, this aquarium has a touch section where you can touch anemone, sea urchins and sea cucumbers (if you dare!). You can see all sorts of fish, as well as squids, sea lions, sea

The Great Wheel

Although we didn’t ride the Wheel, we did walk past it many times. I didn’t know that it’s actually not your typical carnival ride type of wheel, but more of a sightseeing option that lasts 15 minutes.

Woodland Park Zoo

This is another fun activity to do with kids, but of course grown-ups will appreciate the animals too. My son has been loving penguins lately so that exhibit was one of his favorites!

Fremont Troll

Frankie had fallen asleep in the car while we made a little detour to go see the troll. A bit of an unusual “sight”…I did not know what to expect when I was told we were going to visit the troll! Situated under the Aurora Bridge, a great place for a quick selfie, is a large statue of the creature clutching a Volkswagen.  I probably would not recommend for young kids who frighten easily.

Puget Sound Cruise

This 60- minute cruise around the Sound is a great way to take in the views of the city from the water. They have longer cruises but the hour-long option was perfect for us to do right before dinner.

I hope these ideas help you out on your own trip to The Emerald City! There are more things I hope to do and look forward to taking another trip out there with my family in the future.




Frankie’s First South America Trip

It’s been over a month since we got back from our trip to Paraguay. It was a way-too-brief visit to my family but an unforgettable trip regardless that filled us with new memories to cherish.

It was our first time taking Frankie on a plane so we were naturally super nervous. Overall, he did great on the way there and did even better on the way back. Funny though, that on our way back home he didn’t have his own seat and slept so much better. On my lap. Sigh.

This was my first time visiting since my Grandmother’s passing just over 2 years ago. I was feeling extremely emotional weeks before the trip. I vowed that I would spend every minute I could with my family. That meant we did not do much exploring and didn’t get to visit friends that lived in other cities.

During these 8 days, our only exercise was a 3 mile run at a park minutes away from my Grandmother’s house. We ate delicious homemade food and decadent desserts EVERY.DAY. We took a siesta almost every day. We had 0 regrets. 

Whenever I return from Paraguay I’m left a little depressed. I feel blue thinking about how far away I am from so many people that love me and whom I love. I feel blue thinking that I may not see some of them the next time I return. It was also great to meet some family members I’ve never met before.

I’m so happy that we were able to make a quick escape and visit this past August. I hope to be able to visit again within the next 2 years.

Do you have family in another country or even another state that you don’t see often? 


Punta Cana Part Deux

I’m back in NJ and back at the old routine once again. We had a great time in DR and there was talk of plans for next year already…this time including another little person 🙂

Some of my other gym workouts at the Hard Rock consisted of:

Do 20 burpees and then with 2 8kg dumbbells do:

15 lunges (each leg)

15 dumbbell rows 

15 seated presses 

Then do 20 burpees and 50 mountain climbers. 


5 minute treadmill warmup

5 rounds of:

20 Kettlebell swings (don’t remember the weight)

15 side bends (8kg dumbbells)

10 dumbbells curls (each arm)

15 Kettlebell sumo squats

I’m 18 weeks and officially in month 5. Time is going by really, really fast! My energy is still up but I’ve had to modify many movements such as burpees (no more chest to ground) as well as push-ups and pullups.  

This little baby seems to be doing his/her own workouts in my belly because I’m feeling movements all the time! Ha! I’m starting to gather ideas and inspiration for the nursery which is actually really difficult. I’ll get there! 

Do you think we’re having a girl or a boy? 🙂