Fastinista FitCamp! (Coming soon) – Specially designed for busy individuals who need guidance and motivation to lead healthier, fitter lives, shed some pounds and gain energy. Workouts will be short and intense and will consist of bodyweight and CrossFit-light movements. 

5K Training Program for Beginners – For the newbie runner who wants to set a goal of finishing his or her first 5K run or wants to improve a previous time. Learn how to slowly build endurance to finish your race strong and confident. 5 week program. 

Functional Strength Program for Runners – Created for runners of all levels. Build lean muscle to help you run fast, run strong and risk less injuries using some CrossFit methodology.  4 & 6 week programs.

Fastinista Personal Coaching– Consisting of 3 one-on-one hybrid sessions per week (1 in person/ 2 remote OR all 3 remote) with nutritional guidance included as well as email and text message support. 

Contact me below about pricing: